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Hustings on Tiree

It’s election time!
Tiree Community Council will be holding a virtual hustings on Friday 29 April at 7pm.
Eight of the eleven candidates for our ward in Argyll and Bute Council have told us they will be there, and we hope we will be able to confirm more over the coming week.
This will be an opportunity to ask questions about things you feel are important, although, with so many candidates, time will be limited!
We will post the joining details for the virtual meeting in the next few days.

Consultation on future of Argyll and Bute air services

The Argyll and Bute Council is consulting on local air transport services on the West Coast area, linking Oban, Tiree, Coll, Colonsay and Islay. This consultation will inform the next contract for the service and shall consider issues including:

•            Current use of the air service
•            Preferred flight times and days
•            The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deliver services

The last item is under active consideration following successful trials of UAVs to deliver supplies during the pandemic, resulting in significant savings for the NHS. Active work is in development to create a UAV Hub at Oban airport, with Royal Mail also interested in the possible applications.

If you would like to respond to the consultation directly, or just find out more, you can do so here:

TCC will be happy to make a submission on behalf of Tiree constituents, so if you would like to feed in your views to that, please email TCC member Phyl Meyer at

Take part in survey on the future of schools leadership in Argyll and Bute

We are currently running a survey to gather views from the community on proposed changes to the way schools are led in our Council area – proposals which are quite similar in many ways to the temporary arrangement that our own school has been operating under with Oban High School for the past two years.
You will find more information about the survey within the survey introduction. Please note that all submissions are anonymous. We will ask about what group you belong to within the community, but individual responses cannot be linked back to a named individual.
You will find links to information about the Council’s proposal and the school’s latest HMIE report in the introduction, or you can follow the links below.
To search for the HMIE Report:
The Council’s ‘Empowering Our Educators’ information page:

Boundary Commission Review publishes final proposal for Argyll and Bute Council

The Boundary Commission has this morning published it’s final recommendations for the review of the Argyll and Bute Council ward boundaries.

TCC took part in the public consultations for this last year, including running our own survey to consult with the community – the outcome of which supported a call for a single member ward for Tiree and Coll, with the second most popular option being a two member ward with Coll, Mull and Iona – which is the option in the final proposal.

You can read the news release on the final recommendations here:

and review the full report on the recommendations relating to Argyll and Bute here:

These proposals are now subject to approval by Scottish Parliament, and although it is unlikely could still be amended – however if approved without amendment Tiree will be voting as part of a two councillor ward with Mull, Coll and Iona in next year’s Local Council elections, rather than the current arrangements of a four member ward for Oban South and the Isles.

Consulting on our draft planning policy for 2021

Following a number of delays compared to the original plan (with apologies for the confusion!) we are now able to publish our draft planning policy for consultation with the community.

This document is intended to provide TCC members with a guideline for how we approach our engagement with planning matters. As a Community Council we are statutory consultees on a wide range of planning issues. Engaging with the planning process in order to represent the interests of the community we serve within that process is part of our responsibilities laid down in the Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils. This planning document is intended to provide some helpful clarity and guidance on how we should do that rather than simply leave it up to the members of the TCC to decide on a case-by-case basis.

You can review the document here – you may find the formatting displays better using the pdf version on some devices such as iPads or mobiles:

Final Draft TCC Planning Policy 25.05.2021 (Word .docx format)

final Draft TCC Planning Policy 25.05.2021 (Acrobat .pdf format)

We will be holding a public meeting to present the policy and answer questions about it on Friday 28th May at 7pm via Zoom. We are also running an online survey in order to gather opinions from the community.

The details to join the public meeting are:

Dial in by phone:  0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 863 1423 9930
Passcode: 413753

Please note – in keeping with the same principles as our Moderation and Comments Policy, we would ask that anyone intending to speak at the meeting please ensure they put their correct name on display, state it in the text chat if unable to do that, or make it clear verbally when speaking if joining by phone.

The survey can be accessed here: and submissions may be made at any time from now up until the survey closes at 6pm on Tuesday 1st June. This deadline has been chosen in order to allow us time to take account of any comments and draft possible amendments to be tabled in advance of the next public meeting of TCC, which is our AGM on June 9th. EDIT: This has now been extended – see new post here:

What is intended to happen after the consultation: The plan is for us to quickly consider feedback from the survey consultation, and consider any potentially helpful amendments to discuss to the draft policy. The current draft will be tabled for a decision at our AGM next month, and TCC members will vote on what to do with it then.

Outcome of our recent survey on Tiree’s timetable out of lockdown

Earlier today we sent the following letter to Argyll and Bute Council following our rapid-response survey announced on Friday:

Choice of Level for Tiree

Dear Robin and Pippa,

Following our useful meeting on Friday, Tiree Community Council wanted to gauge the opinion of the community on this matter as best we could in 36 hours. We therefore set up an online poll using SurveyMonkey.

We laid out our understanding of the situation laid out by the Scottish Government, and asked respondents to choose:

  • For Tiree to remain in Level 3, which would allow travel to and from the island, subject to restrictions on indoor meetings, or
  • For Tiree to move to Level 2, which would keep travel restrictions in place for an additional 3 weeks but allow for indoor meetings amongst island residents

Although we used the labels ‘Level 3’ and ‘Level 2’ for ease of reference, we acknowledge that those labels are not quite accurate, that the new arrangements proposed in the new route map are different. This was noted on the web post promoting the survey.

The survey was put together at great speed and using only our own resources. There are obvious methodological weaknesses: for example, a bias towards those using social media and the possibility that respondents could make inaccurate declarations of their place of residence.

However, we are confident it broadly represents the spread and balance of opinion in our community.


  • 322 responses, including 273 residents, approximately 50% of the electoral roll
  • Of the residents, 41% want to remain in Level 3 with travel restrictions lifted, while 59% want to move to Level 2 with travel restrictions maintained
  • Even the majority of resident owners of tourism businesses want to move to Level 2 with travel restrictions maintained, albeit the split is more evenly balanced in this group

Many thanks for asking our opinion,

Dr John Holliday, on behalf of Tiree Community Council

You will note that we refer to the fact that what seems to be the likely options on offer to us do not correspond exactly to the former “Level 2” and “Level 3” – but rather that we used those labels as a way of simplifying the survey for people by using familiar terms – it seems we are now moving away from the previous versions of the Levels/Tiers with this new timetable, so the old versions of those levels/tiers do not really apply and things are still very subject to change.

The web post explaining the survey made this clear, although we understand some may (with the benefit of time and hindsight) feel things could have been worded better. All that can be said is that we did the best we could within the speed we felt we had to act and with which the survey was put together – and felt it best to prioritise a simple, intuitive approach.

We are given to understand that there may be further opportunity for (hopefully more thorough, less rushed) consultation on this soon. The results of this survey may not therefore be the final conclusion reached on this issue and we will continue to do our best to engage the community to ensure a representative position is taken going forward.

On a positive note – for the survey to have achieved 322 responses, of which 273 are from island residents (representing about half of the entire electoral roll on the island) in the space of just over 2 days is a remarkable response, of which we should all be proud. Thank you for participating if you were able to.

Thanks to some excellent work by TCC councillor Iona Campbell, please see below a write-up of the full results of the survey.

Result of Urgent Public Consultation on the Isle of Tiree copy