Correspondence – Reply Regarding Lighting at the School

We have received the following reply from Argyll and Bute Council regarding the issue of lighting around the school.

Dear Dr Holliday,

Thank you for your letter to Douglas Hendry on behalf of Tiree Community Council regarding exterior lighting at Tiree High School.

I can confirm that all but 2 of the exterior lights at the school are timed to switch off at 7pm which allows cleaning staff to leave the building and get to their cars safely as there are no street lights and these provide the only lighting in the area.

In relation to the 2 other lights, one stays on until 10pm and is located at the gym door to support school lets, the other is at the staff door so that staff can also come and go to support the lets or attend meetings in the school which go on later than 7pm.

The safety of all users of the school will always be the Education Service’s top priority and we would not look to change the current arrangements that we have in place, at this time.  It may be possible in future to look at changing the type of lighting currently in place as part of a programme of improvements/upgrades at Tiree.

Kind regards


Susan Tyre, School Services Support Manager