Draft minutes 2024 TCC AGM



7pm 12 June 2024

Trust Offices, Crossapol, by Zoom and streamed on Facebook

    1. Present: Gerard McGoogan (chair), Dr John Holliday, John MacCaskill, Frances Khetrat and Aran Khetrat were present in person, with Tim Arkless online. One member of the public was present in person, with six online and ten watching on Facebook.
    2. Apologies: there were none.
    3. Minutes of last AGM: these were accepted, proposed by JH and seconded by FK. There were no matters arising.
    4. Convenor’s report: This had been published separately, JH ran through the main points.
    5. Treasurer’s report and presentation of the annual accounts: GMG and JH had spent some time reconstructing the accounts, after some papers had been mislaid. Our current balance was approximately £2500, of which £847 was ring fenced. We have ordered duplicate statements, and will have signed accounts ready for the August public meeting.
    6. Election of officers: GMG was elected as Convenor (proposed JH, seconded JMC); JH was elected as Secretary (proposed GMG, seconded by FK), and FK was elected as Treasurer (proposed GMG, seconded by JMC).
    7. AOCB: there was no other business, and the meeting closed at 7.14pm.

Dr John Holliday 13 June 2024