TCC Comments and Moderation Policy

TCC Online Moderation Policy – agreed 10/02/2021

    1. Please be kind, courteous and constructive: No hate speech, or the use of aggressive, offensive or foul language will be tolerated. Respect the views of others and, in the event of disagreement, please do so politely.
    2. Please keep your comment relevant: Stay on topic and keep the conversation productive.
    3. Please don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want shared, or that you wouldn’t want to put your name to: Our website requires you to register and sign-in using your own name before posting a comment, as does Facebook. Anonymous posting or obvious pseudonyms will not be approved by moderators.
    4. When you participate in a discussion, you are responsible for ensuring that any material you post to the TCC website does not violate or infringe upon the copyright, patent, trademark, or any other personal or proprietary rights of any third party, and is posted with the permission of the owner(s) of such rights.

TCC reserves the right to remove comments that do not comply with these rules. On our website, this will mean that any comments that do not comply with the rules will not be approved and published. On Facebook, any such comments will be deleted if noticed or brought to the attention of a moderator by a member of the community.

Posts on the TCC website and Facebook page will be moderated by the TCC secretary or other nominated councillors. If a comment is thought to be unsuitable for publication on the TCC website or Facebook page, it will be returned to the author with an explanation. More complex cases may be discussed by the whole community council in a private meeting.

TCC reserves the right to share and discuss comments and points that are made publicly online.