Minutes of our “emergency” meetings in March and April

Normally, official meetings of a Community Council must be held “in public” and no decisions should take place at any other meeting. TCC routinely has what we call “agenda meetings” where the councillors get together ahead of the proper meetings just to go over what needs to be covered – but we don’t take decisions on action at them, any course of action we discuss is presented at a public meeting and formally agreed there.

However due to the unprecedented situation with COVID-19, and the need for pretty immediate action to be taken by TCC to respond, the councillors did have to meet twice via Zoom in mid March, and early April, and those meetings did involve agreeing on some emergency actions, including the eventual organisation of our first public meeting via video conference.

In the interests of transparency, the minutes of these meetings are posted below. Now that we have a means of holding on-line meetings in public, normal service has resumed!

TCC special meeting Minutes 18.3.20

TCC special meeting minutes 3.4.20