Charrette Outcomes Public Meeting: Wed 22 March 7.30 @An Talla

Most of you will remember the Island Futures Charrette workshops that took place last year, facilitated by Ironside Farrar Ltd. A variety of public meetings and workshops were carried out and attended by the community who were encouraged to input into the process.
The results from the Charrette were presented to The Trust in the form of a Socio-Economic Baseline Study and a Strategy Report.  In October of 2016, Tiree Trust held a public meeting to present the key information collated from the reports. Unfortunately, this meeting wasn’t well attended and it was felt that we should re arrange the meeting in order to give the community another chance to learn about the key results from the Charrette process and what the ‘next steps’ would be in relation to the recommendations.

The second public meeting will be taking place on Wednesday the 22nd of March at 7:30pm in An Talla and we would urge as many people as possible to come along.

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1 thought on “Charrette Outcomes Public Meeting: Wed 22 March 7.30 @An Talla

  1. robert s trythall

    It is imperative that there is a BIG Tiree attendance at this meeting

    As stated at the Feb 2016 TCC meeting, when the Charrette study and process was discussed , this could be Tiree’s ‘last drink at the last saloon’ in terms of getting Scottish Government to,listen, support and assist in addressing Tiree’s socio-economic issues.

    It is an essential precursor, in a Scottish Govt process ( with a very stupid name insisted by Scottish Govt) to secure Scottish Government engagement in Tiree’s decision(s) on its socio -economic development.


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