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Croft House Grant Scheme to stay in Tiree

The Scottish Government confirmed this week that there are no plans to change the current location of the Croft House Grants Scheme office.

Following a query by the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee (RACE), the Scottish Government gave the following reply.

The Committee requested confirmation from the Scottish Government that the croft
house grant arrangements would continue to be administered from the Isle of Tiree.

The Scottish Government confirms that there are no plans to move the administration of the croft house grant arrangements from Tiree.

The full text of the communication is attached here 20160309_Croft_House_Grant_Scheme

Croft House Grant Scheme

Following Tiree Community Council’s written submissions to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Croft House Grant Scheme in March 2015 when we argued strongly against the proposed level of grant assistance being increased to only £28,000, we are very pleased to be able to report that the Environment Minister Dr Aileen McLeod has agreed with us that a substantial increase was required. Dr MacLeod set a new upper amount of £38,000 from April 1st this year in island areas, together with other important changes giving greater flexibility to the scheme. Here is what the Minister had to say in her press release. This is great news for aspiring young crofters wishing to build on the islands.

Tiree Community Council’s responses to the consultation is here:

CHGS Consultation TCC response 01.03.2015