Should Tiree have its own flag?

Barra has one (green with a white Nordic cross). South Uist also has one (green with a white and blue Nordic cross). The Western Isles, Orkney, Shetland, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Angus all have one. The Scottish saltire was everywhere during the independence referendum. But should Tiree get its own flag? When I go to Shetland, I am always struck by the number of houses that fly the Shetland flag. They send the message: we are proud of this part of the country, and we belong here. I wondered at the last Community Council meeting whether it was time to think about a Tiree flag again.

Designing a flag might look easy, but it’s tricky to find something new, something simple, and something beautiful. We would need a competition where designers here and all over the world could submit their thoughts, and then an island-wide vote to choose a favourite.

But first we need to decide if we want a flag at all! Some people love flags. Others think they are a waste of time and money. So Tiree Community Council is launching a consultation: let us know by the end of June what you think, yes or no. Write to the Community Council in Crossapol, post a vote in Bùth a’ Bhaile or the surgery, or go to our website and vote there. Have your say and take part in the Great Tiree Flag Vote!

Dr John Holliday

You can answer here, or at the survey link.

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4 thoughts on “Should Tiree have its own flag?

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  2. Christian Verstraete

    A flag brings people together and increases the feeling of well being of a community. A community build up from local residents, who is the most important group of course, and the community lovers: visitors, tourists, Island lovers and every one coming in to spend a beautiful time.
    As we are Tiree lovers, who want only to spend more and more time in Tiree, between friends from the island and from anywhere, it should make our connection with the island even bigger having a flag.
    So many people visting a country, region or city are buying the local flag, to stick it on their car, shirt or caravan! What a pleasure this should be to see our Tiree flag displayed on cars around the country! A flag wearinf the Tiree turquoise and pink coulours!

  3. Ian Gillies

    From an avid flag-lover, what a positive response! I’m not too sure about the turquoise/pink, but willing to be persuaded.

    Ian G

  4. Sharon Clayton

    I hope a Tiree flag will be flying at the next Homecoming. And that a banner of small Tiree flags will be used to decorate the venue, whether it be An Talla, Kincardine, Ontario, or elsewhere.


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