Notice of meeting: Wed 9th December 2020

Our next public meeting will be at 7pm on Wednesday 9th December, via Zoom.


1. Apologies
2. Councillors’ conflicts of interest
3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising: apologies for late posting of last month’s minutes, Gaelic, Covid tier allocation
4. Correspondence: announcement of Marine Protected Area status, state of area at head of the pier, heating in Pier View housing, Police report
5. Meetings attended by councillors and sub-committee meetings in last month: planning, agenda, Mull and Iona Community Council public meetings, Harbour Users Consultative Forum, joint meeting with the Trust
6. Financial report for Tiree Community Council
7. Presentation by representatives of Scottish Water with an opportunity to ask questions
8. Boundaries Commission proposal and consultation: this motion will be debated: ‘Tiree Community Council welcomes the proposal from the Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland to break up the existing Oban South and the Isles ward to create an islands’ ward within Argyll and Bute Council. We urge the Commission to go further and create a new single-councillor ward for Tiree and Coll on their own.’
9. Invitation of the factor to the next meeting
10. Agenda meetings: how the agenda is produced
11. Date of next meeting
12. AOCB

Meeting papers:


Minutes TCC agenda meeting 4.12.2020

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Meeting ID: 847 2518 4200
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