2 thoughts on “Minutes for Closed Meeting 14 Jan 2016 (14/01/2017)

  1. Ian Bald

    Thank you for these minutes, helpful. The way f’ward outlined, would seem sensible & lead to a Sharper [maybe not shorter but hopefully so!] meeting.
    I just have a caution, if the Public are in attendance, is it wise to stifle Q’s altogether? Through the chair who could ensure brevity & not a long debate.

    1. AdminTCC Post author

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your comment. We in no way want to stifle questions, and will continue to seek comment on matters discussed in the course of meeting, as well as welcome correspondence. For issues which people would like raised as an agenda item, we are simply suggesting they contact us well ahead of the meeting. We will publish our position, and process for bringing business to the CC in due course – once the text is agreed.



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