Changes to AOB at public meetings

At our closed meeting in January, the Community Council made a number of decisions designed to improve how our meetings are conducted.
One of those decisions was to stop taking Any Other Business (AOB) at the end of meetings.
You are, of course, still welcome to bring business to the council, we just ask that as far as is practical, you bring it to us well in advance of our meetings. This serves two purposes:
  • It means that we can look into the issue in advance
  • It means that we can give a more useful response at the meeting.
The following is the ideal process
  • We have a public meeting on the first Wednesday of each month
  • We meet privately to set the agenda for the public meeting 2 weeks prior to the public meeting.
  • To have an issue raised as an agenda item, we would ask you to contact us in the first two weeks of the month.
We understand that sometimes emergency topics arise, and we would never refuse to discuss something in that category should it arise shortly before a public meeting. Those issues will be considered on merit.
You can of course continue to send general correspondence to us, to be included in the correspondence section.
We hope that this measure will reduce the length, and increase the effectiveness, of the public meetings.