Latest advice leaflet from Argyll + Bute Council on Shielding and Money Worries

We received the following information to pass on:

Good morning,

Following recent updates, please see the FAQs below which offer some useful information for those in the shielded group.

The shielding information is national guidance, for further information please visit the Scottish Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): stay at home guidance webpage.

Argyll and Bute Council’s website has a range of help and advice for those affected by Coronavirus, this includes information about financial support.  The leaflet attached gives details about help for those who may be worrying about money.

Are people in the shielded group able to get their own shopping or prescriptions?

  • Yes. The guidance for the level 4 restrictions are that those who are in the shielded group can go out to get shopping and / or prescriptions. These are classed as essential purposes to leave the home for.

What are the essential purposes and reasons that those in the shielded group can go out of the house for?

  • Exercise
  • Essential shopping
  • Medicines
  • Education
  • Caring responsibilities
  • Visiting someone you are in an extended household with. (you can only be in an extended household where one of the households is a single person household)

What other restrictions apply to those in the shielding group?

  • You should not use public transport (including taxis) while these additional measures are in place.
  • There are also additional restrictions around work, see below.

If I am part of the shielding group do I have to go to work?

  • You should work from home. Everyone who is able to work from home should do so.
  • If you cannot work from home then you must stay at home. Your letter is a FIT note. This applies to all in level 4 restrictions.

I am in a level 3 restriction area (Coll, Colonsay, Erraid, Gometra, Iona, Islay, Jura, Mull, Oronsay, Tiree and Ulva) do I go to work?

  • The advice on not going to work does not apply to areas that are in level 3.
  • If you live or work in a level 3 area, you can continue to go to work if your workplace can be made safe.

Who is eligible for support through the Test and Protect Helpline?

  • If you have to self-isolate due to testing positive and you have no other sources of support for food, medication, or other needs, you can contact the Council’s Test and Protect helpline to request help.
  • If you have been asked to self-isolate by a Test and Protect contact tracer, and you have no other sources of support for food, medication, or other needs, you can contact the council’s Test and Protect helpline to request help

What kind of help can I expect?

  • The Council can put you in touch with local community groups offering support in your local area.
  • The Council may request directly for a volunteer to assist with your needs.
  • The Council can direct you to sources of support to help with money worries
  • The Council can direct you to sources of support to help with other needs that you are worried about due to having to self-isolate.

What are the new rules about meeting outdoors?

  • A maximum of two people are able to meet from up from two households, outside. There is more advice at

Will food boxes be introduced again?

We are not currently planning to re-introduce food boxes. This is because we are not asking you to stop going to shops, though we are advising you to limit the number of times you visit shops, consider shopping at quieter times, and where possible shop on-line.

Since the first lockdown last year, supermarkets have put in place a number of measures to make them safer.  They have also increased their capacity to provide a wide range of ways to shop, including on-line delivery, click and collect, home deliveries, phone ordering, grocery boxes, and gift cards so someone else can shop for you.

We have also offered everyone on the shielding list priority access to on-line supermarket delivery slots and this offer will remain open.  As before, it is important to ask family, friends, and neighbours for support.

Can I still attend my usual medical appointments?


I have been vaccinated against covid-19 – do I still need to follow the advice?

Yes. You should follow all advice for those on the shielding list, even if you have had a coronavirus vaccination. This includes the advice about work. While a full course of the vaccine (two doses) will help prevent you from becoming seriously ill from coronavirus, we do not yet know if it will keep you from catching and spreading the virus.

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Download the full leaflet here: Worrying about Money A4 Argyll and Bute 28.07.20