Updated advice leaflet for safe use of Tiree’s roads

The TCC has recently undertaken to update the excellent “Tiree: Welcome to the Island’s Roads” advice leaflet aimed at informing road users, especially visitors to the island, how best to stay safe and keep others safe when using our predominantly single-track roads.

The main changes relate to updating the guidance in relation to cycling, as there was some feedback that this needed amending, as well as updating to reflect improved official guidance and law regarding cyclist safety.

With thanks to the various people who volunteered their time to give input to this, the final draft will be going to our February meeting for sign-off before being published. Comments are welcome to the usual addresses.

Tiree Driving_Brochure 2020 Final Draft

4 thoughts on “Updated advice leaflet for safe use of Tiree’s roads

  1. Callum Thomson

    I lived on Tiree from 1958-1968, at Balephetrish House. Among many happy memories is one recurring bad one. I was driving along a road at the west end on a very rainy day. A pedestrian stood at the side of the road. Too late, I saw that his hand signals were intended for me to slow down. As I passed him I hit a huge puddle, the contents of which splashed over him. You might want to include in your fine brochure a section on pedestrians, puddles and passing vehicles.

  2. Stewart Carr

    The brochure is great but it is not proportioned per a landscape A4 sheet of paper, so won’t print properly. I have tried scaling the document but this still does not give a good print. I would like to incorporate this brochure as a leaflet in a holiday cottage guest information pack, but in the current format, it is not dimensionally suitable.

    1. AdminTCC Post author

      Thanks for flagging that up Stewart I will pass that back, we’re doing a final version I think on this so can hopefully address – but we’ll be getting copies printed and made available in various places as well. (Phyl)


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