Tiree to Glasgow Air Service

Tiree to Glasgow Air Service

Transport Scotland  has launched the tender exercise for the next contract period .

The main specification for the Tiree service is below.


  1. The operator will be required to offer a minimum service between Glasgow and Tiree of:
  • Two return trips per day Monday to Friday all year round;
  • Two return trips per day on a Saturday for the period 1 April to 20 October and one return trip per day on a Saturday for the period 21 October to 31 March;
  • Two return trips per day on a Sunday for the period 1 June to 6 September and one return trip per day on a Sunday for the period 7 September to 31 May;
  • A bank of 18 annual rotations;
  • No service need be provided on 25 and 26 December or 1 January and a reduced service may be provided on 2 January.

2 The bank of 18 annual rotations will be held by the Tiree Transport Forum for use at their discretion in consultation with the operator taking account of the operator’s ability to deliver additional rotations within the costed level of crew, aircraft resources and airline & airport operational viability.  The Tiree Transport Forum shall provide the operator with a minimum of four weeks’ notice for use of banked rotations unless the request is to meet circumstances where such notice could not reasonably be given.  Any banked rotation not used in any contract year will be rolled forward to the following year.  The operator shall make all reasonable endeavours to provide the Tiree Transport Forum with copies of timetables a minimum of two weeks before publication.

  1. The capacity of the aircraft used should be as follows:
  • Not less than 14 seats on the Glasgow to Tiree route and 16 seats on the Tiree to Glasgow route.
  1. The Designated Service should be based on a timetable which is convenient for users and should maximise access to connecting flights.  The timetabling of the double daily services should provide for a reasonable amount of time for Tiree residents in Glasgow to enable same day returns.  While it is recognised that timetable variations may be required due to tidal conditions at Barra, this should be kept to an absolute minimum.  The impact of any variations, over the course of a year, should be shared equally between Campbeltown and Tiree.  Any variations should be set at point of release for sale and not added at a later date.  Any changes required for operational reasons, including cancellations, should also, over the course of a year, be shared equally between Campbeltown and Tiree.

The price of a single ticket for travel on the route must not exceed £70 (including any airport charges but excluding any relevant Government tax) for the period 25 October 2019 to 24 October 2020.  The maximum fare shall increase by £1 from 25 October in each subsequent year of the contract.

6 The Designated Service must be pro-actively advertised in order to maximise use.  Advertising activity should be focused on non-residents of Tiree.  Promotional activity, particularly in the off season, is encouraged.  Any special promotions should be targeted at both residents and non-residents.