Tiree-Oban Air Service Re-Tender

A&BC has decided to re-tender the original faIled tender.

There is NO increase in the subsidy.

Irrespective there will be a break in service  from mid May through to mid Oct,  unless some  interim service provision can be agreed.

However A&BC’s Re-Tender COVERING LETTER 8 Mar 2019  offers any tenderer a panoply of flexibility,  and freedom, to develop their own proposals on:-

The aircraft type they wish to use;
● The service timetable they wish to implement;
● Any seasonal variation to the service timetable they wish to implement;
● Months of service operation e.g. spring to autumn service only;
● The pricing schedule they wish to implement;
● The marketing and advertising approach for the service

These flexibility options linked to other incentives should ensure there is a tendered proposal which A&BC may, or may not, take to a positive conclusion by Oct.

For your information Argyll and Bute Council published the re-tender on 7th Mar.

These links take you to the to the re-tender documentation with submissions required latests Thursday 2nd May 2019 at 12 noon.

 Contract Notice – Public Contracts Scotland:


 Invitation to Tender and access to Tender Document / Submit a Response – PCS-Tender: