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By-election contest announced

We have an election!
The Argyll and Bute Returning Officer has notified us that there are six candidates seeking election to the four spaces on the Community Council which are to be filled. Thank you to all six candidates for stepping forward!
The notice from the Returning Officer follows:
1. A By Election is being held to fill vacant seats in the undernoted Community Council’s.
2. Polling will take place for the election of Community Councillors for the Community Council’s as shown below because the number of validly nominated Candidates exceeds the number of Community Councillors to be elected in that Area.
3. The name and address of each Candidate is as follows:-
BENNETT Jacqueline Schoolhouse, Balemartine, Isle of Tiree
CAMPBELL Iona M 4 Baugh, Isle of Tiree
CARR Stewart G Sanderling, Balephetrish, Isle of Tiree
LARG Iona M The Two Harvests No 2, Balemartine, Isle of Tiree
PATIENCE John Taigh an Altire, Caolis, Isle of Tiree
REID Louise J 11 Sruthan Terrace, Crossapol, Isle of Tiree
1. The persons entitled to vote at these elections are the persons registered in the Register of Electors in force as at 1 September 2020 for the Community Council area but a person whose name is so registered may not vote if the entry in the Register gives as the date on which he/she will attain the age of 16 years a day later than the day of the election.
2. Electors will be sent a Postal Ballot Paper and will require to return this to me by not later than 4.00pm on Thursday 5 November 2020 if their votes are to be counted.
3. Candidate Statements if submitted by them, will be included in the postal pack and available on the Council website http://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/elections during the election period.
Pippa Milne
Returning Officer
Council Offices
Argyll PA31 8RT
September 2020