Notice of June Meeting (AGM and Business, hybrid) and Draft Minutes of May Meeting

This month’s meeting will be held on Wednesday the 8th of June at 7PM, and will comprise of our AGM followed by a business meeting.

There are a few ways you can join us this month – we will be meeting in person in An Talla (small hall), or you can join us digitally via Zoom. We will make every effort to ensure that everyone who would like to participate can do so, whether joining us virtually or in person.

Meeting Papers: 

Draft Minutes of May 2022 Meeting

TCC Treasurer report and accounts summary 2021-2022


Please see this month’s Agenda below:

AGM Portion:

  1. Welcome: introduction to hybrid meeting and streaming
  2. Apologies
  3. Chair’s report
  4. Treasurer’s report and proposal of annual accounts
  5. Election of office holders: convenor, secretary, treasurer
  6. AOCB

Following on, the Public Meeting: 

  1. Welcome: including our new Argyll and Bute councillors
  2. Apologies
  3. Conflicts of interest
  4. Minutes of last meeting
  5. Matters arising: Pier View heating; Island Bonds; update on Collective Leadership Model and Tiree High School consultation
  6. Correspondence: delays in electricity connections to new builds; poor census returns from Tiree; state of Scarinish town centre; letter from Loganair
  7. Reports on meetings: Mull Community Council
  8. Ferries:
    • Cancellation charges survey and TCC reply to CalMac consultation
    • Islander priority system Mull and Arran surveys. Should Tiree Community Council conduct a similar survey?
    • Report from Coll Transport Forum meeting: a possible Kilchoan-Tobermory-Coll-Tiree small ferry
  1. Introduction to Natalia Jejer, Settlement Project Officer with Argyll and Bute Council
  2. Tiree Trust: report on feedback from consultation; report on Gaelic Plan meeting
  3. Planning applications this month
  4. Date of next meeting
  5. AOCB

 Digital Joining Details

Meeting joining instructions:

Please note: our meetings are recorded for the purpose of minute taking, and may be streamed to our Facebook page. If you do not wish your camera feed to be recorded, please do not enable your camera. Keeping it off, rather than on but covered over also helps reduce internet load for participants.

When you first join the meeting at the start time – you may find you are in a Waiting Room, please just wait for the meeting to start and you will be admitted automatically.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 827 8685 3480
Passcode: 525125

Guidance on joining the meeting:

You can choose how you view the meeting using the app if joining via the internet – “Gallery view” shows you multiple participants, “Speaker view” will show you only the person who is speaking.

Please note that by default you will join the meeting muted (i.e. you will not be sending sound out to the rest of the participants) – please leave yourself muted unless you need to speak, and when invited to do so by the chair, and remember to re-mute afterwards. This is needed to ensure that the call is not made very difficult to follow by background noise from multiple people, which can be extremely disruptive to the call.

We suggest that members of the public not enable their camera, unless wishing to be seen when making a contribution to the meeting. This saves bandwidth and reduces the size of the recording for the minutes.

If joining on a PC, tablet or other device, please set your screen name to a recognisable form of your actual name so that other participants know who you are – this is required if you wish to participate via either speaking or using the text chat.

The mute and unmute button is in the lower left, and looks like a microphone, next to the button for switching your webcam on/off.

Requesting to speak:

If joining by computer, you can find a button to “Raise your hand” to ask to speak under the “Participants” menu, accessed by pressing the Participants button (looks like a human figure, in the middle of the bottom part of the window). You can also use the chat function to make a comment or to ask to speak on a point.

As ever if you have questions or if there is anything we can do to help you take part in the meeting accessibly, please let us know by e-mailing 


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