Notice and agenda for March 2021 meeting

Our March 2021 meeting will take place on Wednesday 10th March at 7pm via Zoom

Agenda: (Initials in brackets indicate the member speaking to the item)

1. Welcome and introduction
2. Apologies
3. Declarations of conflicts of interest
4. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising, including coastal erosion
5. Correspondence: graveyard consultation (JH); cycle repair stands (PM); community council training (PM); banked flights for cattle sale (GM); dentist (JH); bin lorry (JH); phone box in Baugh (GM); road safety leaflet (JH)
6. Argyll and Bute Council budget 2021-22 summary
7. Ferries (GM):  How can the service be made more robust next winter? Recent Transport Scotland query about possible service reduction. Extended winter timetable. Should the community council lobby for protected access to the ferry for islanders during what is expected to be a very busy season?
8. Pier Area working group report (AC and SC): approval for a public survey, and delays in obtaining the pier pedestrian safety report
9. Community Garden beside Pier View: a new proposal (GM)
10. Simultaneous translation into Gaelic for community council public meetings: report on progress (JH)
11. Planning sub-committee report (JP)
12. Is Zoom the way forward after the pandemic, or should we try to go back to in-person public meetings? Setting a date for a Zoom AGM (PM)
13. AOCB: a chance for members of the public to raise new matters of concern

Draft minutes of the previous meeting: DRAFT-COMMUNITY-COUNCIL-MINUTES-FEB

Meeting joining instructions:

Please note: our meetings are recorded for the purpose of minute taking. If you do not wish your camera feed to be recorded, please do not enable your camera, or switch it off using the Camera button on the app, rather than covering it – this helps reduce internet load for participants.

Join Zoom Meeting online by PC or smart device:

Meeting ID: 899 4399 1647
Passcode: 624295

Dial in by telephone from UK:
+44 203 051 2874 United Kingdom
+44 131 460 1196 United Kingdom
Meeting ID: 899 4399 1647
Passcode: 624295
Find your local number:

Guidance on joining the meeting:

You can choose how you view the meeting using the app if joining via the internet – “Gallery view” shows you multiple participantsPlease note that by default you will join the meeting muted (i.e. you will not be sending sound out to the rest of the participants) – please leave yourself muted unless you need to speak, and when invited to do so by the chair, and remember to re-mute afterwards. This is needed to ensure that the call is not made very difficult to follow by background noise from multiple people, which can be extremely disruptive to the call.

If joining by computer, you can find a button to “Raise your hand” to ask to speak under the “Participants” menu, accessed by pressing the Participants button (looks like a human figure, in the middle of the bottom part of the window). You can also use the chat function to make a comment or to ask to speak on a point.

The mute and unmute button is in the lower left, and looks like a microphone, next to the button for switching your webcam on/off.

If you are using a telephone to dial in, the mute and unmute command can be given by typing:


You can also “raise your hand” to ask to speak using:


As ever if you have questions or if there is anything we can do to help you take part in the meeting accessibly, please let us know by e-mailing 

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