Inaugural meeting of the new 2022 session of the TCC

Following the election of Community Councillors in 2022, unfortunately TCC did not quite have enough members to re-constitute. We therefore had to suspend operations while a by-election was held to try to top-up our numbers. Fortunately this was successful and we now have the minimum required number to re-form.

The inaugural meeting of the new session has to be facilitated by an official from Argyll and Bute Council – this took place on 19th December 2022. Office bearers were elected, and an updated form of the TCC Consitution (incorporating changes to the scheme of establishment made by A+BC last year to make holding virtual meetings permissable permanently) was approved, as well as the Standing Orders.

The new office bearers are:

Chair: Phyl Meyer

Secretary: John Holliday

Treasurer: Jacqui Bennett

The note of the meeting and all papers, including the passed documents, are linked below:

Tiree Inaugural Minute 19.12.22

Tiree Community Council Signed Constitution 2022


Co-option Form

Declarations of Interest Protocol

Model complaints procedure for Community Councils