Comments facility re-instated on this site – registration now open

Following discussions at the meetings in January 2021 and then the agreement of a Comments and Moderation Policy in February 2021, a comments facility has now been reinstated on this site.

In order to comment you must register an account on the site, in your own name, and verify an e-mail address associated with it. In addition to the above link, the Registration Page is linked in the menu bar on any page of the site, and the registration form also appears on the log-in or “My Account” page you will be referred to on the comment function itself if not already logged in.

You must include a recognisable form of your actual name as your username – this will appear next to any comment you make, and a valid e-mail address (which will not be shown).

This information will only be used for the purposes of this comment facility – you will only receive email directly related to that function and you may choose to “subscribe” to pages if you wish to be notified of any new comments.

Comments may then be posted by logged in users on most pages and posts. These must be in accordance with the policy, and will be moderated by several members of the TCC.

If you wish to make comment on any post without wishing to register, or without doing so publicly, you can do so directly by e-mailing us.

2 thoughts on “Comments facility re-instated on this site – registration now open

  1. Rob Trythall

    Re-instatement of the website comment facility has been long over due.

    In my opinion it should never have been suspended

    I hope Tiree uses this facility to comment constructively on Tiree community issues

    This re-instatement has also dictated an update to TCC w/site’s Home Page , and its reference to TCC’s Facebook page.

    It is not clear if TCC is moderating comments made on TCC’s Facebook page.

    If not, this requires to be addressed, as unless I am mistaken Facebook is an open comment forum, in contrast to the TCC w/site, which requires registration via TCC

    Items are put on Tiree Facebook, but not on the TCC W/site, so what is TCC’s publishing policy between the two fora?

    1. AdminTCC (Phyl) Post author

      The Comments and Moderation Policy clearly states that we will moderate comments made on our posts on Facebook as and if needed. The primary difference being we have to approve all comments before they are posted on this website, while on FB people can post without approval and we will only moderate where necessary. The reason we agreed this distinction in practice is that there is a different level of responsibility for hosting such comments on our own website that we host, compared to being posted on Facebook which we are merely users of just like anybody else, and we did not feel it practical to impose the same level of restrictions, for a variety of reasons.

      We agreed at our last meeting that there would be no rigid requirement that all material posted to Facebook must also be posted here, but that any content which could reasonably be considered core to our functions (examples given included Meeting notices, minutes, major community news released by us, etc) should always go on the website first and then be shared via Social media – as has been our practice. For less critical bits of news, sharing other people’s content and particularly for content which is specifically aimed at a social media audience or functions via social media we will not necessarily create a website post for it. We have however added a feature to the website which displays our Facebook feed on the home page so that people may be aware of any content posted there.

      This does mean that there will be some content that TCC shares or posts which cannot be directly commented upon if you do not have a Facebook account, for example. Firstly, anyone wishing to make a comment may do so via other means (e.g. directly emailing us), secondly it is entirely up to the choice of individuals if they wish to make a Facebook account in order to be able to comment on such posts, or choose to forego that in order to avoid doing so.

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