CMAL Tiree Presentation Oct 2018

Kevin Hobbs  CEO of  CMAL  gave a detailed CMAL-Tiree Presentation  to the Tiree Transport Forum (29 Oct)

He explained CMAL’s relationship  with Scottish Government- Transport Scotland- CalMac, the funding mode and income and expenditure streams.

He reviewed the delayed delivery prospects of the two new ferries under construction, which now  dictates a lack of fleet resilience  through till autumn 2020.

He also outlined what he regarded as the’ideal ‘CalMac fleet replacement programme by 2025 ie 10 ferries , 6 ‘ biggies’ all standard units of 90/95m LOA  and 4 small units requiring  upwards of £400m investment.

Ferry Investment has been a major consideration of the REC Committee which has now made detailed recommendations to Scottish Government.