Bin Collections in Tiree – FEEDBACK NEEDED

Following a meeting with Cllr Roddy McCuish and Jim Smith from Argyll and Bute Council, we can confirm that the bin uplifts will be changing around mid August.

From mid August:

  • General refuse uplift will move to 3 weekly
  • Recycling refuse uplift will remain at 2 weekly

Holiday home owners will be offered the option to pay for an addition uplift at commercial rates.

Argyll & Bute Council will be in touch with all residents in due course. At the moment, though we are keen to get feedback and thoughts from residents and holiday home or second home owners – and we will pass these on to Cllr McCuish.

Please comment using the form below, or on Facebook or by speaking to a Community Councillor.


10 thoughts on “Bin Collections in Tiree – FEEDBACK NEEDED

  1. Jacqui Bennett

    I can see this getting messy pretty quickly. There are some spots where there is not enough room to put out two bins without blocking the road, that could cause trouble.

    How do the council propose to hand out the timetable? Personally, I have had to use the website to get it but I know some residents don’t/won’t use such, how are they expected to keep track?

    1. AdminTCC Post author

      The Council have told us that they will be sending out new timetables when the collections change.

  2. Gordon Scott

    I’m fine with this. It’s the recycling bin where most of our stuff ends up and the uplift is remaining unchanged. Our general refuse bin is only ever half full any time the lads pick it up.

  3. Steve Nagy

    Complete nonsense. Both are our general waste and recycling bins are full to the brim at the end of a fortnight. Where is the third weeks waste going to go, let alone the smell after three weeks rotting of waste material in the bin.
    We’re just a couple so feel really sorry for those who have kids or others in the household to look after.

  4. Julie MacLennan

    We’re a family of 4. At the moment the fortnightly lift isn’t usually enough – 3 weeks is ridiculous! Where do we put our extra over-overflowing waste? Birds get into bin bags and make a terrible mess. Who’ll clean that up?

  5. Mark Beese

    I have to say at The Green we are pushed in summer with 6 houses using one large bin. At 3 weeks, especially in summer when it’s a good bit busier, the bin would be full after one week, and the smell would be awful!! Where does the rest of our stuff go?

  6. J mcdowall

    an absolute disgrace , with a family of 5 we barely cope with 2 weekly collections let alone moving to 3 weekly, it appears that not much in return for council tax

  7. Ian Bald

    Bin Collections:-
    * 3 weekly collections for GREEN bins from a Health & Safety aspect, is not a viable option. These get full already within 2 wks, when 2 of us in house. More adults + family + children, very difficult to cope already. Most of contents decay/smell, are unhygienic [knappies + other sanitary contents]. None of this can go down a septic tank, unlike the mainland. The prospect of 3 wk pick ups, with some bins o/flowing in the hot summer months, torn open by birds, is not just unsightly BUT a safety hazard.
    * Why not the blue bin3 wkly, if wish to cut costs?
    * expecting households to drop o/flow full bags of garbage/rotting food @ Gott depot, not really feasible for most households. Possibly provide large commercial bins @ strategic locations [as old skips] worth a try?
    * Alternative, provide a 2nd green bin for those who request. They may reluctantly, even pay the £30!
    * Has anyone really worked on logistics/time delay for an additional uplift? Have the existing island bin staff been involved & agree this idea would work & is practical?
    * Don’t forget the value/benefits to the island of the high number of visitors during summer/autumn months.
    * I get the impression that such ideas are thought up, in mainland offices, with little appreciation of island life & needs.
    * TCC, please get the August date put on hold immediately, until a viable option is thought through & AGREED.

  8. Jen Skinner

    A 3 weekly bin collection would be a problem for us, often our bins are full before the fortnight is out and get smelly enough without an extra week to contend with. If this plan goes ahead then we need to be supplied with extra bins as we can not leave out rubbish as it will attract rodents or the wind will blow it away…

  9. Pearl Brown

    I am wondering if the bins that were examined were from so called ‘commercial’ properties – holiday homes?
    I have a home on the island and I let it for under 3/12 in the year but this puts the house in the ‘commercial’ bracket and recycling costs a rediculous amount in addition the to the normal pick up. I have taken objection to this and am sad that, for me, the LA put up this ‘barrier’ to recycling.
    I strongly believe in recycling and in my mainland home I recycle religiously. However in Tiree I only recycle glass and cardboard which I take to the co-op car park. I recommend to my visitors that they do this too but I don’t really know what they do? This is only part of recycling needed but the LA created a major disincentive and barrier (in my terms) to recycling in commercial properties by their crazy additional cost. Reducing the emptying of bins, even allowing for those who correctly recycle seems to me a major retrospective step, especially in the summer months with the number of holiday homes that are then taken up.
    The irony here is that in the same copy of An Tirisdeach there is an item on refuse collection in Scarinish……I say no more. I also see that again the commercial properties are to be penalised if they wish to have additional collections. This is not Mayfair, this is Tiree. We are not Russian or Arab oligarchs, we are, or at least I am, Tirisdeach, keen to love and enjoy and support our Island. Please look again at this bizarre new policy. It is far from environmentally friendly and doing a disservice to the island.


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