Consulting on our draft planning policy for 2021

Following a number of delays compared to the original plan (with apologies for the confusion!) we are now able to publish our draft planning policy for consultation with the community.

This document is intended to provide TCC members with a guideline for how we approach our engagement with planning matters. As a Community Council we are statutory consultees on a wide range of planning issues. Engaging with the planning process in order to represent the interests of the community we serve within that process is part of our responsibilities laid down in the Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils. This planning document is intended to provide some helpful clarity and guidance on how we should do that rather than simply leave it up to the members of the TCC to decide on a case-by-case basis.

You can review the document here – you may find the formatting displays better using the pdf version on some devices such as iPads or mobiles:

Final Draft TCC Planning Policy 25.05.2021 (Word .docx format)

final Draft TCC Planning Policy 25.05.2021 (Acrobat .pdf format)

We will be holding a public meeting to present the policy and answer questions about it on Friday 28th May at 7pm via Zoom. We are also running an online survey in order to gather opinions from the community.

The details to join the public meeting are:

Dial in by phone:  0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 863 1423 9930
Passcode: 413753

Please note – in keeping with the same principles as our Moderation and Comments Policy, we would ask that anyone intending to speak at the meeting please ensure they put their correct name on display, state it in the text chat if unable to do that, or make it clear verbally when speaking if joining by phone.

The survey can be accessed here: and submissions may be made at any time from now up until the survey closes at 6pm on Tuesday 1st June. This deadline has been chosen in order to allow us time to take account of any comments and draft possible amendments to be tabled in advance of the next public meeting of TCC, which is our AGM on June 9th. EDIT: This has now been extended – see new post here:

What is intended to happen after the consultation: The plan is for us to quickly consider feedback from the survey consultation, and consider any potentially helpful amendments to discuss to the draft policy. The current draft will be tabled for a decision at our AGM next month, and TCC members will vote on what to do with it then.

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1 year ago

Dear Councillors , it has taken some time for this draft planning policy to be drawn up and I appreciate that much time and effort will have gone into its preparation – this has been in the TCC agenda for over 6 months .

That said , I do not feel that you can realistically expect the community to be engaged with a process when it is more than likely that most people within the community will be unaware that the draft has in fact been published -your post at this time has only had one like and no engagements. Additionally, for the community to have time to read , digest and form a response to the draft by Friday -which is less than 72 hours after you first published it – seems unreasonable. I must respectfully remind you that you have all had many months to put this forward.

Finally, if reading the document on a handheld device such as an i-phone it is not formatted and is illegible .

Given these factors, I think it is prudent that councillors do their best to ensure that the community is given a longer period of time to fully consider and discuss the draft in an open meeting , especially as there have been no open meetings for the public to attend as originally committed to by TCC .

Your sincerely , Iona Larg

Reply to  AdminTCC
1 year ago

Dear Phyl,

Thank you for your reply.

I am afraid that I must disagree with your statement about this being the ‘culmination’ of the of the consultation – If the draft has only just been published it is the start . Given that public do not know any of the particulars of the document or that they have been unable to participate in any sub planning meetings , means that they have only been aware of the process and have not contributed to it .

You have also stated that you are not expecting people to be in a position to comment by today … if not then you should reschedule your meeting… the community should be allowed time to read this , discuss it and formulate their feelings . And given that the meeting is set for 7pm on a Friday, after a full working week for many , leads me to think that the meeting might not be well attended, which is surely something that councillors would hope for to ensure that their document is reflective of the communities voice that they represent .

By holding a meeting tonight you ARE asking people to be ready as a survey monkey questionnaire does not provide the same opportunity for engagement , understanding and feedback .

Thanks again for your time and response as part of the TCC.

Best wishes ,


Rob Trythall
Rob Trythall
1 year ago

TCC has had a comparable Planning Policy since 2015 ,with minor amendment in 2018.

I am not aware that it has been rescinded, ergo it is still in place . A motion will be required to rescind it, prior to adoption of any replacement policy

Substantively, the proposed planning policy barely differs from the current TCC Planning Policy, but as it has taken TCC 3/4 months to internally agree to this draft , I think it would be reasonable to offer the community more than 2 weeks to study, and decide on what is being proposed.

It is not a constitutional issue, therefore the AGM is irrelevant to timing any adoption.

Re the proposed policy, and its qualified possible intervention in agricultural and croft house planning applications, has TCC gained formal endorsement of its proposed Planning Policy from Tiree’s agricultural a/o crofting representative bodies?

As TCDT is currently working on a housing project, has TCC gained formal endorsement of its proposed Planning Policy from TCDT ? 

Rob Trythall
Rob Trythall
11 months ago

Thanks response

I was unable to attend Friday’s Zoom, so possibly the issues identified below were addressed.

The question of whether the adopted policies of a previous CC lapse by default on the election of a ‘new ‘ CC is surely one for Argyll and Bute Community Council Liaison Officer to adjudicate? I will be contacting ABC accordingly

Half of the current TCC served on the previous TCC, so not exactly a ‘new‘ CC.

Irrespective, in two recent emails to individual Councillors, re this proposed Planning Policy, I stated that the Planning Policy of the previous TCC was still in place . This was not challenged nor refuted.

It would be normal practice to make a statement in such a ‘new’ policy document that it superseded/replaced any previous adopted policy.

In the event the proposed policy is rejected, then, on the basis of your proposition that the Planning Policy of the previous CC has, by default , lapsed , then TCC will have NO planning policy. I don’t think TCC wants to be in such a position

I am concerned that a CC representing the community, feels, that in gaining ‘possession’ of a policy, that it is incumbent, on any possibly impacted community group from such a policy, to input its views etc to the CC , as opposed to the CC seeking the view of the impacted community group,to derive a community policy . .